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This project has been worked on awhile ago, with the name "Discovery" (old project thread) and is now LIVE! What RuneAncient offers is a oldschool RSPS feeling and aswell as the 2007 era of runescape with some osrs mixes, but the main point is to keep it as oldschool as possible! Items only up to god wars and dragon boots are available for usage, that means less typical osrs gameplay and more real oldschool experience. This project has been inspired mostly from the streamers and content creators when events where everyone was pking with the 06/07 setup.


RuneAncient is a Economy based server with Skilling, PvM and PKing. Combat stats are very fast with a high experience rate mainly for quicker PKing and combat gameplay for new players. Expect many upcoming updates mostly for wilderness and then ofcourse what the community suggests and wants to be polled. Make sure you only download the client through our website which can be found down below. 

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