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Hey everyone,

We have waited for too long, we have give up on Falador(Maybe some of us) But we never did! We are finally here to tell you guys that V2 got released. 


There are bunch of changes in V2 content wise but also fixed some of the things that went wrong in V1.  It has been 7 months ago since we played Ascend for the last time, please be patience that the community still has to grow as a fresh server (since it is a Fresh server)

We will notify all old players of Ascend and get everyone in again.

Old donations(Donated real money for) will be refunded, we will refund the amount you donated in the RSPS-store so not the ones you bought ingame. (Contact Tim or Masacre)

We are recently released so please give us feedback on what we can update or nerf, or change.


Thanks for joining to all the new players, and welcome back old players(Respected Players:D)


You can start playing the game by pressing the /Play/ button on the navigation. Here you can find the latest Launcher, you only need to download it once.


Any client issues or problems can be posted on the forums but you can also head to our discord channel and post your issue.


With kind regards, Sean

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